Teen Who Doesn’t Know How To Use A Condom Teaches Her Sister Everything.


Brunette Teen catches her sister with a condom in her hand. While he was learning on the phone about how to put on a condom, he doesn’t know what to do when his brother suddenly enters the room. Although the teen girl tries to hide the condom in her hand, unfortunately she realizes that it is too late. His brother takes the condom he hid behind his back and asks what he wants to do with it. The young girl says that she bought it because she was just curious and wondered how it was used. The stepbrother immediately takes out his penis and says, “If you’re curious, take it and put it on my dick.” Even though the teen girl resists saying no, she really gives in to her curiosity. Not only wearing a condom, the stepsisters take their curiosity one step further and go to the bedroom and show what the condom actually does. During the crazy moments of sex, the young girl’s eyes roll as she passes out and almost orgasms.

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