Pornstar Ginebra Bellucci Couldn’t Control Herself After Falling In Love With Her Roommate.


Ginebra Bellucci, who goes to school and stays in the dormitory, and continues her life as a pornstar, has to settle in a new dormitory. Because they know that there are pornostars in some dormitories, they have to change dormitories or hostels from time to time. She has to share a room with a man in this hostel dormitory where she goes to stay. He takes the key and goes upstairs and lays on the bed to relax. While examining the room on the lower floor of the bunk, he suddenly receives a wake-up call from the upper bunk. And he sees that there is a muscular black man on the top bunk. After becoming friends with him and meeting him, he begins to dream of her. When his cunt starts to water, he throws himself directly into the bathroom. He sees that his black friend is also in the bathroom. He doesn’t hesitate to caress her pussy by watching her. The monitoring phase, of course, does not take too long. He takes the penis of his black roommate who is taking a shower. To his surprise, but when he gets no response, he wants to fuck her to satisfy his hunger for sex. They leave the bathroom together and retreat to the room. For a while, Pornstar Ginebra Bellucci blows her man and then wants to see that big dick in her hairy pussy. He stretches his cunt tight and takes in the tool he licked and hardened like a stone. They fuck like crazy on the bottom bunk and have hardcore sex with their new roommate. When her black roommate is satisfied, she tells him to take out his dick and shoves it between her breasts. In this way, she empties the tool between her breasts, allowing her to throw her sperm on her breasts.

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