Old Mia Gets Oral Sex Before Asking Her Boss For An Advance.


Old Mia takes action because she can’t bring order to her life financially. He makes a plan because he is not on good terms with his boss. Although the main purpose of this plan is to ask for advances and get money, there is also the purpose of having oral sex. He takes action to pick up his boss by having oral sex. Since Mia is quite old, she shows off her blowjob skills and is determined to get her boss under her direct influence.
Standing in front of the large wooden door with trembling hands, Mia took a deep breath to enter. It would not be easy for him to have such a conversation with the blond, elderly boss of the company he had served faithfully for many years. However, his financial difficulties had become unbearable and he needed an advance.

His boss, Barney Bey, was sitting behind his desk with a serious expression when he shyly opened the door to his office. Mia walked in and greeted politely. Mr. Barney nodded briefly and waited for Mia to speak.

Mia began with a forced smile. “Sir, I don’t want to make such a request to you, but due to some financial difficulties I’ve had recently, I need a small advance. I can pay it back temporarily, with a deduction from my salary afterwards.”

Mr. Barney adjusted his glasses and looked gravely at Mia. “I get it, Mia. The financial constraints can be challenging. However, I need to check if such a request complies with company policies.”
Mia’s heart started to beat faster, but she also felt grateful for her boss’s understanding approach. The silence between them continued as long as Mr. Barney was checking something using his computer.

Finally, Barney Bey lifted his head and smiled. “Mia, you’ve been working here for many years and I know your loyalty. I accept your request. We’ll give you the necessary advance, but we can talk payment details later.”

Mia thanked her, restraining her emotions. He was relieved at her understanding approach. He had taken a step to alleviate some of his financial difficulties.

A few days later, Mia felt that she had solved her financial problems for a while by getting her advance. For him, the understanding and help his boss showed was of great value, not only financially, but also emotionally.

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