The Man Got The Woman Drunk And Then He Was Recorded With An Amateur Camera While He Was Fucked.


The man who did his best to get the woman drunk puts her to sleep and then starts filming her body with an amateur camera. As the high-headed girl lies sprawled on the bed, her skirt rises quite a bit. Her hips and the pink panties she’s wearing are also clearly revealed. Seeing this as an opportunity, the man, of course, immediately takes the camera in order to take amateur shots. He’s starting to shoot. He’s pulling the drunk girl from left to right. Then he can’t stand it and thinks it won’t hurt to touch it a little. As he strokes her buttocks, he notices that his dick is getting harder and the girl is slowly giving way to him. After about ten minutes, the drunk girl gets a little sober and asks the man if she wants to fuck. Of course, the man is almost mad to fuck the girl he caressed for minutes. Saying this is an opportunity, he approaches directly behind the girl lying on her face and stabs the tool he had lifted while caressing. He starts to fuck the drunk girl, who is barely in a position, without wearing it too much. As the man stings, he gets a girl and then renews position after position, enjoying the pleasure of fucking after getting drunk.

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