Mafia Boss Cums In His Russian Lover’s Anal Hole And Relieves It


One of the city’s biggest mafia barons enjoys anal fucking his Russian girlfriend. She thinks of nothing but fuckin’ every time she meets him. Since the woman admires the man’s money and power, the mafia does whatever the man wants. He wants to satisfy her as much as possible, especially when it comes to sex. In addition to revealing her beauty, she also manages to fascinate her with her fantasies. Of course, he gets everything in return. He makes the mafia boss buy everything he wants with the great pleasure of fucking. Expensive cars, expensive jewelry and dresses. No need to even talk about money. The Russian woman just has to hold on a little while getting fucked through the anal hole. He bites his lips to forget the pain, even if it is momentary. While experiencing pleasure and pain at the same time, he does his best to have an orgasm. As a result, she gets all the beauties she desires. This includes getting pleasure juice flowing from your pussy. The mafia lover is also enjoying the pleasure of ejaculating in her narrow ass hole and scattering the money to her lover.

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